Nishijin Plaza,  九州大学 Kyushu University, Japan  

Location: 2-16-23 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi

Nishijin Plaza aims to promote international academic research at the university, forge connections between the university and society, serve as a source of information on academic research activities, and facilitate the university’s educational research efforts. The structure of the facility operates on three core components: information on the first floor, meeting spaces on the second, and training on the third.
Serving as a dynamic environment for research exchange and a source of information for audiences across the globe, the Plaza will be instrumental in making the twenty-first century an illustrious chapter in the evolving history of Kyushu University.

Getting to Nishijin Plaza

From Fukuoka Airport: Take the subway bound for Meinohama Station (approx. 20 minutes)
From Hakata Station: Take the subway bound for Meinohama Station (approx. 15 minutes)
-> After boarding the subway, get off at Nishijin Station. Nishijin Plaza is a ten-minute walk from Exit 7.

The Nishijin Plaza parking lot has five parking spots.
Please refrain from parking illegally.
We ask that visitors please use public transportation wherever possible.
Visitors should enter the Main Plaza Building through the front entrance (on the Hii River side).



Recommendations for Accommodations

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